MetaTraffic is a web analytics software solution that provides insightful and detailed web traffic reports on visitor activity at your web site. It is written in Microsoft's ASP and is no longer supported. The software is completely free of charge and the Enterprise version of the last release may be downloaded for free.

MetaTraffic currently has a 5 star rating at Codango (Aspin).

With MetaTraffic, you can answer the following questions about your web site:

  • Where are visitors coming from?
  • How many visitors are accessing my site and what pages are they viewing?
  • What search terms are visitors using in the search engines to find my web site and from what search engines?
  • What visitors are viewing my site now?
  • What are the detailed demographics of the web site's visitors such as their browser type or country of origin?
  • What ad campaigns are generating visitor traffic to my site and is the site converting those visitors into buyers?


MetaTraffic Lite 2.0 Screenshots

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The summary report displays an overview of your web site traffic such as the number of visits, unique visitors, page views, etc.


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The searches report displays the number of searches from each search engine.


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The daily visitors report displays the number of unique visitors per day.

MetaTraffic Pro 2.0 Screenshots
Ad Campaigns

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Ad campaign reporting displays what ad campaigns are delivering clicks, actions and sales on your web site. Drill down to see the conversion rates for each campaign.

Who's Online

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The who's online report tells you what visitors are accessing your site now.


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The robots report displays the robot page views and includes detailed drill down capability to view the specific page views by robot.

Technical Overview

MetaTraffic is a web application written in VBScript using Active Server Pages (ASP). The application uses a database to log activity on your web site. MetaTraffic supports MS Access, SQL Server or MySQL.

MetaTraffic requires a snippet of code in each web page on your site in order to track activity to that page. There are several different tracking options; the one you use depends on your site setup and the type of files you are tracking. MetaTraffic supports the following tracking methods:

  • JavaScript for tracking any type of HTML page
  • ASP Includes for ASP pages only
  • Redirects for downloads and multimedia files

Mandatory Server Requirements

  • IIS 5.0 or greater hosted web site (supporting ASP 3.0 and Visual Basic Scripting Edition v5.0 or above)
  • Read / Write / Script permissions to the MetaTraffic installation folder.

MS Access

  • Microsoft Jet OLEDB v4.0 drivers installed on IIS machine (for accessing the MS Access database)
  • Read / Write permissions on the MS Access database (db.mdb)
  • Delete permissions on the database (used for Compact / Repair in maintenance functions)

SQL Server

  • SQL Server 7, 2000 or 2005 Server with SQL Server drivers installed on IIS Machine
  • Table creation privileges on database to use full functionality of the setup program (usually DBO or SA account)
  • DataReader / DataWriter permissions for normal operation


  • MySQL v4.1 (or greater) with myODBC 3.51 drivers installed on IIS Machine
  • Table creation privileges on database to use full functionality of the setup program
  • SELECT / DELETE / INSERT privileges on database for normal operation

Optional Server Requirements

  • Reverse DNS Lookup enabled in IIS -- Shows the hostname of the visitor in the Who's Online report (See this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article for more information on enabling reverse DNS lookups in IIS. Note: Enabling the reverse lookup feature in IIS can severely impact performance and should only be considered on low traffic web sites.

Minimum Browser Requirements

  • The following minimum browser versions have been tested to work properly with MetaTraffic's web based reports and administration:
    • Internet Explorer 6.0
    • Firefox 1.5
    • Netscape 6.2
  • Some javascript and stylesheet properties may cause problems in earlier browser versions. You must have cookies and javascript enabled to login and use MetaTraffic properly.


MetaTraffic Pro 2.27 TOTALLY FREE and available for download:

MetaTraffic Lite 2.27 is available for download:

Download the latest definition update: