"We eat, sleep, and breathe Drupal."

Metasun specializes in building great Drupal websites and we're extremely passionate about it. We use a mobile-first development methodology to ensure that all websites are cross platform compatible. Using responsive design theming principles and base themes such as the popular bootstrap framework provides support for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. 

Drupal recipes

Drupal Contributed Module Recipes

We have a solid understanding of Drupal's vast array of contributed modules and can assembled most websites writing minimal custom code. This allows for rapid development of your website and can provide a simple, cost-effective upgrade path for future Drupal versions. Most websites use a standard set of contributed modules which we employ in our custom Drupal distribution permitting us to rapidly develop and deploy your web application.

Custom Drupal Module Development

Sometimes you need custom developed solutions when Drupal contributed modules do not have the desired functionality or they don't exist. We develop custom modules with a strict adherence to Drupal coding standards. We have a large accumulation of common functions and tested code to help create your desired solution quickly and bug-free.

drupal migration and upgrade services

Drupal Upgrades or Migrations

We can upgrade your Drupal website from past versions to the current stable version and even import data from other legacy content management systems such as Wordpress. Joomla or custom software.

drupal cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Metasun specializes in using Amazon's cloud for hosting websites because of its optimal balance of affordability and performance. It provides elastic computing resources that allow your website to grow on demand as user traffic dictates.

High Performance

Website performance is critical to ensure optimal user load times, to meet peak traffic needs and even for search engine optimization purposes. Just because your website isn't as visited as much as Facebook, doesn't mean it shouldn't serve webpages very fast. Metasun has worked on many high traffic websites and incorporates several web technologies to ensure top performance of your website. These include APC, Memcache, Varnish, Nginx, Apache Solr and Amazon Cloudfront (and other CDNs).